The situation of women that gave rise to Her Farm

  • This is a true story. It's not an isolated case either, it's happened in the past, it's happening now. Once there was a young girl who lived in Nepal, at home with her parents. A young man came to the house one day and after discussion with the parents, an agreement was reached for the young girl to become the wife of this young man. They were married and the husband announced one day they were moving to India for a better chance at work. 


    The husband came home one day and told the young girl that they had to go and visit his "sister" in another place in India. The term sister in this context does not mean she's an actual relative. The husband told her to dress nicely as the sister lived in a big, fancy house. 


    They took a journey and arrived at the big, fancy house that was located nearby a terrible slum area. After talking for some time the husband said he had to go somewhere, but would soon return and instructed his wife to stay at the house with his "sister."   A few hours later the young girl asked where was her husband and when would he return. The "sister" told her, he's no longer your husband, I paid him money and you belong to me now. 


    Our young girl was forced to work at a prostitute and entertain eight to nine men daily. Then, she became pregnanat. The "sister" wanted her to have an abortion but the doctor refused to give her an abortion so she was kicked out, alone, pregnant and on her own. 


    She somehow made her way back to her parents home. The parents at first did not know where she had been or what had happened but when they found out, they kicked her out of their house and she was also banned from the village as they didn't want a prostitute living there. 


    Now with a child, she was again alone. She went to another town, she didn't want to go back to prostitution but she had no way to feed and care for her child. Some time passed and she again moved and rented a little shop with money she'd saved and attempted to settle down to the life of a shopkeeper and take care of her child. 


    One day she was visited by a journalist who knew she had worked as a prostitute. He demanded *** from her and she refused. The next day a story appeared in the local paper that exposed her as a prostitute. The landlord of the little shop kicked her out and no one would rent to her. She again was alone, with nothing and with a child to care for. 


    She turned back once again to prostitution as the only way to feed herself and her child. As the child was getting older, she took to giving the chlld sleeping pills so the child would not become aware of how she was earning a living. The child had a reaction to the medicine and became disabled. The mother is still working as a prostitute as she cannot make the leap back to shopkeeping or any other work. No one will give her work, no one will rent shop space to her and this is her only way to earn a living now. Society has totally rejected her. 


    The husband is probably a broker, meaning this is what he does, he marries a girl and then sells her into prostitution. He's probably done it before, he'll do it again. This is one of the many ways women become trapped in this horrible life. Society will not provide them with any way out. It's women like this we hope to provide a home for. If she'd had options, if she'd had a place to live, the story might have ended differently. The story doesn't end. she's somewhere, still working in the "oldest profession" as there are no other options for her, at least none she knows about. There's Her Farm, of course, but she doesn't know about that. Maybe somehow she'll find out?